Can You Identify anyone

This is a list from the 1930 census of the possible people in the picture, that is provided no one came from out of state.

Given Surname YOB State Born Where liveing County State
Franklin C Featherston 1844 Arkansas Severs Okmulgee Oklahoma
Mary E Featherston 1847 Tennessee Sallisaw Sequoyah Oklahoma
Margarette Featherston 1863 Texas Stringtown Atoka Oklahoma
Irvine Featherston 1865 Mississippi Stringtown Atoka Oklahoma
William J Featherston 1866 Arkansas Cleveland Dewey Oklahoma
William Featherston 1869 Illinois North Creek Lincoln Oklahoma
Myrtle Featherston 1872 Maryland North Creek Lincoln Oklahoma
Elizibeth Featherston 1873 Georgia Cushing Payne Oklahoma
Delilah Featherston 1875 Arkansas Jenks Tulsa Oklahoma
Dora Featherston 1876 Texas Cleveland Dewey Oklahoma
Robert W Featherston 1877 Arkansas Wilson Choctaw Oklahoma
Clarence A Featherston 1882 Arkansas Harris Muskogee Oklahoma
Maggie Featherston 1882 Tennessee Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Eugene Featherston 1883 Arkansas Haskell Muskogee Oklahoma
Willian Featherston 1885 Arkansas Severs Okmulgee Oklahoma
Belle Featherston 1886 Arkansas Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Kathrine Featherston 1888 Missouri Harris Muskogee Oklahoma
V G Featherston 1888 Arkansas Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
C G M Featherston 1891 Texas Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Lula Featherston 1891 Alabama Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Bertha Featherston 1893 Texas Wilson Choctaw Oklahoma
Frank Featherston 1893 Arkansas Granite Greer Oklahoma
John P Featherston 1893 Arkansas Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
John P Featherston 1893 Arkansas Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Rhoda Featherston 1893 Oklahoma Stringtown Atoka Oklahoma
Sybil Featherston 1893 Alabama Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Sybil Featherston 1893 Alabama Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Harry Featherston 1894 Missouri Okemah Okfuskee Oklahoma
Laura M Featherston 1894 Iowa Severs Okmulgee Oklahoma
Charley L Featherston 1895 Arkansas Elk Beckham Oklahoma
Evah H Featherston 1896 Missouri Okemah Okfuskee Oklahoma
Joe Featherston 1896 Oklahoma Stringtown Atoka Oklahoma
Lee Featherston 1896 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Lucius C Featherston 1896 Oklahoma Dustin Hughes Oklahoma
Ruby M Featherston 1896 Tennessee Dustin Hughes Oklahoma
Bert C Featherston 1897 Texas Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Ester Featherston 1897 Kansas Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
H B Featherston 1897 Oklahoma Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Jack Featherston 1897 Mississippi Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Lowell Featherston 1898 Texas Webb Dewey Oklahoma
Charles Featherston 1899 Arkansas Muskogee Muskogee Oklahoma
Nettie L Featherston 1899 Oklahoma Elk Beckham Oklahoma
Roy O Featherston 1900 Arkansas Holdenville Hughes Oklahoma
Roy Featherston 1901 Arkansas Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Donnie G Featherston 1902 Arkansas Webb Dewey Oklahoma
Grace Featherston 1902 Arkansas Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Henry G Featherston 1902 Arkansas Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Clint Featherston 1903 Texas Mcdaniels Mcintosh Oklahoma
E G Featherston 1904 Arkansas Jenks Tulsa Oklahoma
Eula Featherston 1904 Arkansas Mcdaniels Mcintosh Oklahoma
Lillian Featherston 1904 Illinois Holdenville Hughes Oklahoma
Bennett Featherston 1905 Arkansas Jenks Tulsa Oklahoma
Treasure Featherston 1905 Texas Haskell Muskogee Oklahoma
Euna Featherston 1906 Arkansas Muskogee Muskogee Oklahoma
Erma H Featherston 1907 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Ina Featherston 1908 Oklahoma Jenks Tulsa Oklahoma
Ada Featherston 1910 Oklahoma Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Cleveland Featherston 1911 Texas Wilson Choctaw Oklahoma
Milford Featherston 1911 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Helman Featherston 1912 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Hilmon C Featherston 1912 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Leasure Featherston 1912 Oklahoma Haskell Muskogee Oklahoma
Herchel Featherston 1913 Texas Wilson Choctaw Oklahoma
Mary K Featherston 1913 Missouri Harris Muskogee Oklahoma
Clyde Featherston 1914 Oklahoma Haskell Muskogee Oklahoma
Cornelius J Featherston 1914 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Gilda Featherston 1914 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
James C Featherston 1914 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Robert Featherston 1914 Texas Wilson Choctaw Oklahoma
Robert A Featherston 1915 Missouri Harris Muskogee Oklahoma
Cleat L Featherston 1916 Oklahoma Severs Okmulgee Oklahoma
Nell Featherston 1917 Oklahoma Haskell Muskogee Oklahoma
Elsie L Featherston 1918 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Elsie L Featherston 1918 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Glen W Featherston 1920 Oklahoma Severs Okmulgee Oklahoma
Louise Featherston 1920 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Mildred Featherston 1920 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Daisey L Featherston 1921 Oklahoma Webb Dewey Oklahoma
Jean Featherston 1921 Oklahoma Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Bert J Featherston 1922 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Maurice Featherston 1923 Oklahoma Haskell Muskogee Oklahoma
May E Featherston 1923 Oklahoma Webb Dewey Oklahoma
Billie E Featherston 1925 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Jack R Featherston 1925 Oklahoma Harris Muskogee Oklahoma
Lloyd C Featherston 1925 Oklahoma Elk Beckham Oklahoma
Billie J Featherston 1926 Oklahoma Haskell Muskogee Oklahoma
Rosemary Featherston 1926 Oklahoma Jenks Tulsa Oklahoma
Theda Featherston 1926 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma

I think we can discount these

C G M Featherston 1927 Oklahoma Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Harley G Featherston 1927 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
Louis J Featherston 1927 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
A D A Featherston 1928 Oklahoma Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma
Yvonne M Featherston 1928 Oklahoma Severs Okmulgee Oklahoma
Dorthy Featherston 1929 Oklahoma Holdenville Hughes Oklahoma
Jack P Featherston 1929 Oklahoma Okmulgee Okmulgee Oklahoma
Shirley Jean Featherston 1930 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma



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