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William is born in the same town as me and remained there until sometime after 1861 since he appears in 1871 in the outskirts of Darlington married to Isabella, but what is her surname. In her first daughter Sarah Jane birth registration record it is as Kay.

The second-born son George with the surname recorded as Featherston her surname is recorded as Kerr, well at least the first letter is the same.

The second daughter and third child Hannah again called Featherston Isabella is a Carr, well Kay and Carr and Kerr are all similar.

Margaret Ann is back as a Featherstone the fourth child and her mother is recorded as Carr again.

Harriet Maria Featherstone the fifth child I bought a birth certificate the details follow
Born 3rd Aug 1880 at Stapleton Near Darlington
Father William Featherstone a farm labourer
Mother Isabel Featherstone formerly May
Informant Isabel Featherstone of Stapleton left her mark
Registered 13 Sep 1880. and yet another surname May. Kay and May I suppose sound similar? However, the registration gives the Mothers name as Kay

The 6th child is another girl Thirzia registered in Sep 1882 with a mothers name of

William son number two gets a mothers name as Keogh, this is stretching it a bit far I begin to wonder if I have picked the wrong William, but it seems right as his entry in 1891 gives him as William Featherstone 6 Son U Male Norton Durham, since Norton comes in the Stockton district it seems I have the right one.

Tom arrives in 1886 and his mothers’ name at registration comes in as Kear I suppose close to the earlier Kerr.

A daughter named for her mother Isabella arrives in 1888, and I have a baptism in Eaglescliffe Parish records 2/1/1890 Featherstone Isabella Father William (labourer) mother Isabella of Newsham. The birth registration gives the mothers name as Carr, so at least we have something following some of the other children.

Charles is the last to arrive in 1890 again his mother name is recorded as Kier, again similar to some of the others.

What I need is to find the marriage of William and Isabella (Isabel) Kay, Carr, Kear, Kerre, Keogh. and as yet it has not been revealed.


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  1. I have Isabella’s last name as Keir. I also found another, “May”. I have worked on this because Isabella was my G-Grandmother. Harriet Maria was my Grandmother.

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